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Recycle Your Inkjets, Toner and Cell Phones with inkCanada.

Shipping Instructions

All cartridges are inspected upon receipt

We Cannot pay for inkjet cartridges that are not OEM (previously refilled, or physically damaged in anyway. We also cannot return defective inkjets, so please inspect your cartridge first before shipping, or e-mail us first if you have any questions about this policy. Physical damage includes cracks in the body, broken pieces, rips or dents in the circuitry (especially in print head area), corroded cartridges, or missing labels.

Package Cartridges with Care

The most important thing you can do to protect cartridges is to make sure your shipping box has no "open space" in it. If sent this way, cartridges will not bounce around inside, and this is a common cause of dents in circuitry. Make sure to use peanuts or similar packing material to fill in open space in between inkjets and the box and cartridges should arrive fine.

Be on the look out

Be on the lookout for our most common reasons for rejected cartridges. HP 51629A and 6614D tend to develop cracks down the corners of the cartridge and cracks in plastic directly behind print head after use. The other most common problem is in the bigger, heavier inkjets ( for example HP 51645A and 1823D) that have dents in circuitry and print heads, almost always caused by poor packaging.

Shipping your InkJet Cartridges

In Canada ship via Canada Post or your preferred method and have a total order of 50 or more inkjet cartridges or cell phones and we will re-reimburse you for the total cost of your shipping (Up to a maximum of $20). If you do not have 50 cartridges ship your empty cartridges/cell phone the most convenient way for you. No order is to big or small; all freight charges will be paid by you the sender.

Ship your inkjets and cell phones to:

Payment Options

Receive your payment via PayPal

If you do not have a paypal account we will issue you a cheque. All payments are made in CAD.

We appreciate you selling us your empty inkjets and cell phones, and want to help in anyway we can! Please E-mail us at